As an artist, I am looking for images, that witness a long working process. A working process that consists of a series of actions in which the actions are both the seed and the harvest. It is the action that is catalyst for the image. Actions can be controlled, but are more interesting when there are other, unwanted, unchosen influences involved. Influences like time, temperature, the weather, a lack or incapability to act as you would want. The goal is not to act, but to use the action as a means to find a residue. The residue is a far more interesting result than a chosen, ‘made’ image. A residue is formed, unchosen, unmade. A residue has come into existence. That is why I am looking for these residues, they are real. 

We can not deny that of course every action is guided by the ability of the artist to act. In order to minimise the amount of artistic control, I try to install obstacles along the way. Paint in the dark, add a force stronger than your own strenghth, add time...

In the series ‘de nieuwe molens’ I paint hundreds of layers of paint on wooden panels. Due to time, weather, different brands of paint... it is impossible to control the surface of the wooden panels. I can choose the color, but not the arising shape of the surface. 

The perfect exercise (although I believe there is no such thing) for me to get started is to paint. On any kind of canvas. I do not look at the canvas while painting, but I stay focused on the lines / shapes that I see in my studio that I want to paint. In this way, an impossibility to guide the line, to adjust the line is created. You do not look at the canvas, so eventually you stop caring about the result. This gives you more space to care about the feeling of painting, and this also gives you more time to concentrate on what you see. At a certain point, you lose the feeling of micro and macro. The smallest of pieces of rubbish can have the most amazing lines and shapes, as do also the largest works of architecture, and everything in between. All these lines are mixed, without looking or thinking, on the canvas. 3D becomes 2D, and the impossibility to recognise anything familiar in the painting frees the viewer of the obligation that he actually should recognise something. 

‘Le chef d’oeuvre inconnu’ is a series of works that come into shape by spraying layers of material (paint, plaster, resine ...) on a carrier (table, chair, small ladder). It is again not the action that defines the shape of the result, but the turbulence, created by compressed air. Erosion and growth go hand in hand and are in a way negatives of each other. The surface is, again, a guided residue. 

I sincerely believe that the history of actions form the residue, an that a residue cannot be ‘made’. Unless of course you are the master of all actions in the universe, or the slave to the quest titled ‘residue’.


2009 Werkweek expo — Hotel des Invalides, Lourdes (FR)

2009 One Night Stand — Zebrastraat, Ghent (BE)

2010 WOMB — former waste oven, Sint-Niklaas (BE)

2011 Bedtime Duologues im Winter — Mechelen (BE) — organisation by Opa Malyn

2011 KAPOW — street art expo — De Centrale, Ghent (BE)

2012 SOSCASTOA — temporary artspace in the former city library,  Ghent (BE)

2012 VESTROCK — open air expo on the festival Vestrock, Hulst (NL)

2012 kunst @ Arcadimo — intervention in public space, Merelbeke (BE)

2013 My sweet design fair — intervention at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (NL) — for ‘Hello Randomness’

2013 SERIES — group show for Kunstwerkt — Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp (BE)

2014 De Nieuwe Molens — Solo presentation 'De Nieuwe Molens', Centrale for contemporary art, Brussels (BE)

2014 What's New, Pussycat? — Performance at 019 Smoke & Dust, Ghent (BE)

2014 Petite Pièce — Solo show — Galerie L'ile, Paris, (FR)

2014 Novembre à Vitry — shortlist prix de peinture, Vitry (FR)

2014 An evening with Friends are Magic and friends and friends — release show & expo at Gouvernement, Ghent (BE)

2015 TUMULTINGENT#03 — Solo presentation at Ghent city festival — Sancho Don't Care — Groot Vleeshuis, Ghent (BE)

2015 60e Salon De Montrouge — Sélection officielle — Winner Grand Prix — Montrouge (FR)

2015 Paris La Défense, change de point de vue — solo presentation at le Tour EDF, La Défense — Paris (FR)

2015 VOKA — Sancho Don't Care — Perdaen D'Hooghe — Nieuwkerken-Waas (BE)

2015 JCE Biennale — Winner Grand Prix — Montrouge (FR)

2015 Die sublieme Esthetica — group show — In de ruimte, Gentbrugge (BE)

2016 New year show — CC Meulestede — Gent (BE)

2016 Tribew Saison 1 — group show — Galerie La Valse, Paris (FR)

2016 Cachet de la poste faisant foi — group show — Villa Mallet-Stevens, Fondation Hippocrène, Paris (FR)

2016 On Ice — group show — Ijspiste Kristallijn, Gent (BE)

2016 Tumultingent#4 — Solo presentation — 019, coupure rechts 54, Gent (BE)

2016 SAGAS — group show — Hangar 18, Brussel  (BE)

2016 Artenova — group show D.Art kunstroute — Artenova, Mechelen (BE)

2016 123 Piano — Stadshal Ghent — Gent (BE)

2016 JCE Cesis — Bruzis — Cesis (LV)

2017 JCE Como — Spazio Ratti — Como (IT)

2017 Workshop — Give a History — Academy of fine arts Aldo Galli — Como (IT)2017 TIG#05 — Designmuseum — Gent (BE)

2017 Nadar — Chinastraat — Gent (BE)

2017 A SEE OF GREEN — DACCA — Temse (BE)

2017 Sancho Don't Care #05 — JCE 2017-2019 — Montrouge (FR)

2017 De Opwarming — Lange zaal Royal Academy of fine arts — Antwerpen (BE)

2018 Hollow Man — Foyer — Molenbeek (BE)

2018 Deer Fountain — 019 — Gent (BE)

2018 Kunstvestdagen — Keldermansvest — Mechelen (BE)

2018 Fighting for World Cheese — Het Bos — Antwerpen (BE)

2018 Sancho Don't Care #05 — Cesis (LV)

2018 I Object — Former Courthouse — Gent (BE)

2018 M-Idzomer — Museum M — Leuven (BE)

2018 Sancho Don't Care — Kulturmoedet Mors — Mors (DK)

2018 Sancho Don't Care — Nieuwkerken-Waas (BE)

2018 Yugen #16 Art Group Exhibition — Gent (BE)

2018 On the Ropes — Loods 12 — Wetteren (BE)

2019 The Fast Show — Loods 12 — Wetteren (BE)

2019 Cry me a river — Lievegem (BE)

2019 Sancho Don't Care — MOLA —Wachtebeke (BE)

2019 Growlers, Cracklers & Bursters — CIAP Kunstverein — Hasselt (BE)

2019 Coincidences/Coincidenties — Platvvorm — Deinze (BE)

2019 Not out of mind, Not out of sight  — Bruzis — Cesis (LV)

2019 Biënnale van België — Floraliënhal — Gent (BE)

2019 Konvooi — Het entrepot — Brugge (BE)

2019 Not out of mind, Not out of sight — Nature house — Tartu (EE)