Max Kesteloot, 1990 (BE) works in the fields of visual arts.

Max is also teaching at LUCA school of arts, Ghent. Where he’s currently instructing Mixed Media – second bachelor interior design. Max lives and works in Ostend.

...”In terms of content, the viewer experiences a distance to Max’ work: every possible suggestion of a narrative leads us into a blind alley as "his work develops around the paradox of the obvious absence of a subject in the final image. This gives every detail in his work the status or context.” [2]

Max’ work seems to be about how we absorb our environment. About our gaze, our senses constructing its constant presence and influence into an atmosphere that comes with suggestions and anticipations, resulting in fragmented impressions and associative memories. Despite the distant character mentioned above, Max’ approach of this theme actually implies a ‘one on one’, very personal narrative. Because essentially, the work presented to the viewer consists of images documenting solely his environment at a certain place and time, recomposed and literally reframed into final fragments. The artist’s gaze as a substitute for the perceiving individual is immediate, implicit and therefore absent from the final image. Max presents us stories without a narrative, redirecting our focus on the contextual details and inner processes that construct them.”

[2] GAFPA Architecten,
Extract from a text by Eline Jacobs - Vanmoerkerke art collection -


2019 Reflections in Transition, Barbé-Urbain Gallery, Ghent (BE)

2019 Artcontest, Espace Vanderborght, Brussels (BE)

2019 MDD PARTY & AUCTION, museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Ghent (BE)

2019 Biënnale van België III, Floraliënhal (SMAK) Gent (BE)

2019 ASANNAT, Ostend (BE)

2019 TROPICAL NIGHT, soloshow at 019, Ghent (BE)

2019 Feet First Fair, Brussels/Ostend (BE)

2019 SALON BLANC 37, Salon Blanc, Ostend (BE)


2019 Residency at ‘woning Vanwassenhove – Juliaan Lampens’, Curated by museum Dhondt Dhaenens – Deurle (BE)

2018  Extended call Pt. 3, Subsidiary Projects, London (UK)

2018 Ghent Art Book Fair, 019 – Ghent (BE)

2017 Feet First Fair, MACAO – Milano (IT)

2015 The production of space, NUCLEO – Ghent (BE)

2014 Nowhere – Part 1, Soloshow in KERK, Ghent (BE)


SPOT SPOTS – Prologue due to circumstances

A photographic essay in search of the most idyllic spot in Europe

concept, text & images by Max Kesteloot

Text Editing by Bart Decroos, Graphic Design: atelier Arthur Haegeman

Printed in an edition of 75


2019 TROPICAL NIGHT, Belgium/Spain

2017 SPOT SPOTS – Prologue due to circumstances, Belgium


2019  THE WORD MAGAZINE, interview

2018  YNGSPC, interview

2018 UNDRSTND magazine, interview

2017 DIVISARE, Cité radieuse

2015 AFASIARQ, spaces places peopl