When  guiding  you through the proces of buying an artwork, we always start from the clients story. Are you an experienced collector, looking for a specific masterpiece? A corporate client looking to invest in emerging artists? or searching for the perfect  painting to match your sofa?

Finding the perfect artwork for you can be quite the quest, with different starting points. You might be looking for a specific artist, like a particular art movement or you may have not have made up your mind yet.

While choosing an artwork, we help you with our knowledge of the art market and art history. We make sure the pieces you are offered have the best subject, provenance, exhibition history, etc...

After having chosen the perfect artwork for you, we help with all negotiations & possible conservation issues.

We can also advice you on how to build a collection and how to manage it.

Building a well balanced collection is an art to itself.


Whether you want to sell one piece or a whole collection, if you would like to sell an artwork, there are next to infinite ways to do so.

The best approach for your personal situation depends greatly on your own expectations. We can help you find the best solutions, keeping your priorities and the position of the art piece in mind.

Through our network of art professionals and private collectors, we can negotiate private sales or deals with a wide range of galleries and auction houses. We prefer to do so via personal contacts, in order to keep your artwork fresh to the market. The main focus is to reach the best buyer for your piece of art, not to market it infinitely.

After choosing an approach in mutual consent, we handle all negotiations regarding the sale, contracts, delivery, insurances, etc...

Management, conservation & research

After having collected some artworks, several management and conservation issues may arise. For both upcoming and renown artists, having some artworks shown in musea or exhibitions, might be an excellent chance to show it to the public and increase academic interest. Our wide academic network can help you keep up to date with these opportunities. With our knowledge of the art market, we can advice you on when to sell & when to buy.

Conservation might also become a bigger issue over time.

We can consult you from restoration possibilities to insurance, valuation and inheritance matters.

Maybe you are the proud owner of an artwork you would like to know more about. We can help you with academic research, determine it's context, attribution, pedigree and current market value.

With this ever changing art market, it becomes more and more important to be well informed about what you buy or own and it's current position on the market.                                                                                                                                                          +32 486 85 56 21

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